Media Appearances

Here are links to some of Rachel’s  recent media appearances. Contact if you’d like a comment on a story or follow Rachel on twitter for the latest.

Russia is using energy as a weapon. Could it spread to other countries? NPR, November 2022

Understanding the US Saudi Relationship in 5 charts, Bloomberg, November 2022

A Marshall Plan for Ukraine? NPR, October 2022

Iran sanctions highlight middlemen and intermediaries, Middle East eye, August 2022

High US gasoline prices weigh on consumers, CNBC, July 2022

Canada is fighting the war in Ukraine with sanctions, are they working?, Toronto Star, April 2022

Gulf Sovereign Funds Seen Shedding $300 Billion in Market Mayhem, Bloomberg, March 2020

Oil prices hit lowest level in 17 years as demand plunges, Financial Times, March 2020

Coronavirus ‘Demand Shock’ Will Likely Lead To ‘W-Shape’ Recovery With Rolling Recessions and podcast episode, March 2020, Forbes and Contrarian Investor Podcast

After Lebanon, where next? Emerging markets look for weak links, Reuters, March 2020

Impact of Novel Coronavirus and what else could go Wrong with global growth and markets, BNN Bloomberg/MoneyTalk, January 2020

European-US Trade Risks, Digital Taxation, Covid2019 Impact, CNBC Europe, January 2020

Saudi Arabia’s Attempt at Fiscal Austerity, CNBC Asia, December 2019

Prospects of passing USMCA and other trade risks, CNBC Asia, November 2019

Trade Deal: Hype or Progress, BNN Bloomberg, October 2019

Mexican Fiscal and EM outlook, CNBC Asia, July 2019

Chinese debt risks outlook, CNBC Europe, July 2019

Global Outlook, Trade Risks and Opportunities, CNBC Europe, May 2019

Sovereign Funds and Energy Investments, Energy Vista podcast, April 2019

A Softer Global Outlook BNN Bloomberg, April 2019

On Venezuela’s economic outlook: CNBC, March 2019

On Saudi Investment outlook, Middle East Eye, January 2019

Will Opec defy Trump’s call for low oil prices?. BBC, December 6, 2018
Whether it’s a hollow truce or a handshake agreement, the G-20 will likely hurt the yuan, CNBC, November 26, 2018
U.S. Sanctions On Iran Could Impact How Trump Responds To Killing Of Jamal Khashoggi.  November 2018

Business titans fight shy of Saudi’s trillion-dollar charm offensive, Guardian, October 2018

Trump’s trade victories mean WH can now ‘focus all its ire on China’, October 2018 Kuwait economic outlook: Late to the party?, October 2018

Two Messy Paths to the Same Emerging-Market Turmoil, Bloomberg, September 2018
President Macri’s Theme Song: Definitely Cry For Me, Argentina, Forbes, September 2018

U.S. Hits Turkey With Sanctions Over Jailed Pastor, Foreign Policy, August 2018.
Why Canada has no good options on car tariffs., August 2018

Stock Market Says China A Loser In ‘Trade War’ Forbes, June 2018
In Brazil, Pressure Mounts For Petrobras To Cap Fuel Prices Again, Forbes, May 2018 Aramco IPO puts Saudi Arabia’s grand vision to the test, Financial Times, May 2018

International investors see ways to buy into Saudi’s reform, even without an international Aramco IPO, CNBC, April 2018,

Starbucks stop showcases Prince Mohammed’s charm offensive FT, March 2018 Emerging Markets Turn to U.S. For IPOs, Institutional Investor, March 2018

How to Approach Volatility and Clear Path Analysis on outlook for Emerging Market assets.
Saudi Arabia after the anti-corruption push: National Public Radio, February 2018
On Global Trade Outlook and Risks: EM Views, February 2018
On the Saudi Arabia Anti -Corruption push: New York Times, “Investors Worldwide Size Up Palace Intrigue in Oil-Rich Kingdom” November 2017
On oil, the dollar and geopolitical risks: Hidden Forces Podcast. October 2017
On Metals/Copper: Bloomberg “Dr. Copper’s PhD in Question as Rally Starts Looking Stretched” September 2017
On Global FX/Energy links: CNBC Online “China has grand ambitions to dethrone the dollar.” October 24, 2017
On North Korea Sanctions: Marketwatch “White House should tighten sanctions on North Korea, experts say” July 2017
On Oil price trends: Bloomberg and Oil Price Watch “Balance Of Oil Power Shifts Away From OPEC” August 2017
On Qatar Blockade: Middle East Eye “Gulf crisis: A political earthquake with aftershocks in Britain”, June 30 2017
On Chinese Fixed Income: CNBC “Can A China-HK Bond Connect Attract Foreign Investors? June 13, 2017
Takeaways from the Aon Political Risk Map: Populism and terrorism converge to compound global risks, April 2017

Recent videos

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On BRICS,  global trade/ investment protectionism, July 2018

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U.S.- China Trade, global outlook, EM

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CNBC June 2018, on Saudi equities and macro outlook

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CNBC, April 2018, on Russia Sanctions

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