Wine Economics

In addition to her work on a wide range of global macroeconomic themes, Rachel also looks at various themes in the economics of wine and spirits. She has a particular interest in how trade, environmental and competition policies impact the industry as well as how climate change is reshaping production and distribution systems.
Wine is not only as a canary in a coal mine or early warning sign in terms of climate changes, but also as a frequent target of tariffs, trade and competition restrictions, topics Rachel spends so much time pondering.
She passed the WSET level 3 Wines Course in mid 2022 and is beginning work on the diploma.
Get in touch if you’d like to talk wine economics, history, your favorite terroir or more.

Check out some of the recent presentations via the YouTube links or download them in pdf form.

Italian wine tasting (a charity wine tasting in honor of the Heart and Soul Charitable Fund). October 27 2022. Thanks to VIAS for donating most of the wines.

Wine trade Presentation AAWE, August 2022.  This presentation “Wine and Trade Disputes: From Protectionism to Tool of Political Coercion” maps a partial history of recent trade disputes involving wine from those focused on reshaping wine rules, those where wine and spirits were part retaliation for other trade issues and politically motivated export bans. To read about my take in the wine regions of Georgia, click here.

Climate Change and Wine (pdf of Presentation), February 2022

Understanding Natural, Sustainable, Biodynamic Wines (pdf of presentation), April 2021

Previous presentations: