Rachel regularly gives presentations on global macro, commodities, political risk and investment topics. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss participation as a panelist, moderator or keynote speaker. In addition to her global macro, sanctions and country risk expertise, Rachel also has a series of research on wine economics which can be found here. Other presentations may be found in the blog section.


Recent and upcoming presentations include:

  • Presentations on Energy Security and Trade in Asia, East Asia Strategy Forum, Ottawa November 2022.
  • Containing Crisis: Strategic Concepts for Chinese Economic Coercion, CNAS, January 2022
  • Briefing on US Sanctions in 2021, January 2022
  • A New Era for Gulf Sovereign Funds Arab Gulf States Institute, October 2021
  • Briefing on US sanctions review, October 2021
  • Iran’s Economy, Sanctions and Scenarios, Middle East Institute, October 2021,
  • What Economic Leverage does the US have in Afghanistan?, August 2021
  • Understanding the Changing role of Finance Centers, July 2021
  • A Twofold Blow to the Gulf: OPEC+ Implosion & A Global Pandemic, April 2020
  • Covid19 and the Geopolitics of its Financial Market Turmoil, Center for a New American Security, March 2020.
  • Resilience and Vulnerabilities of Emerging Markets to the Oil Shock, NYU, March 2020
  • Middle East Economic and Energy Outlook, February 2020
  • ESG and Fixed Income: Will Markets Price in Carbon Risks? Responsible Investor, December 2019
  • Preparing for the Next Recession: Emerging Economies OMFIF, October 2019
  • Challenges to USD dominance: A Look at Russia’s currency diversification, Tufts University, October 2019
  • Norwegian Pension Fund Asset Allocation and Divestment Plans, New York University, July 2019
  • Mid-Term Oil Trends at Columbia University Center on Energy Policy, June 2019
  • GCC Financial Markets at Gulf International Forum, May 2019
  • Geopolitical Risks, EM Private Equity Association, May 2019
  • GCC Financial Trends, at the Arab States Institute in Washington, March 2019
  • Mexican Energy Policy, at the Energy Transitions Event co-sponsored by the Canadian and Mexican Consulates and the AJC in NY, March 2019
  • Political Risk and LNG Trends, as part of the Poten and Partners LNG Training Course, December 2018 and March and June 2019
  • Russia Under Sanctions: Testimony Before the Senate Banking Committee, September 2018
  • Qatari Resilience to the GCC Crisis, Oxgaps, Washington, July 2018
  • Long-term Outlook for Asia, SWF Training Course, Bocconi University, Milan, July 2018
  • Middle East and Energy Trends, Washington, March 2018
  • Chinese investment trends and economic coercion, CNAS, DC, December 2017
  • Geopolitical Risks to Global Growth: Balsillie School. Waterloo, Ontario, Nov 2017
  • Macro risks in Commodity Producers, IMARC Metals + Mining Conference,  Australia, Oct 2017
  • China and North Korea Sanctions: Center for a New American Security, July 2017
  • Assessing Economic and Financial Risks of the Qatar Blockade: OXGAPS, July 2017, London
  • (Digital) Trade Protectionism: Council on Foreign Relations, San Francisco, June 2017
  • North American Energy Infrastructure. Panel Discussion at New York University, February 2017
  • Future of Banks/Defending Margins: Panel Discussion at Campus for Finance. January 2017
  • Picking the Right Emerging Markets: Presentation and conference chair, Marcus Evans Global Investment Summit, Montreux, Switzerland
  • Outlook for Latin America and Global Economy: Americas Sovereign Investment, Brazil, 2016
  • Plight of the Petrostate: NY Energy Forum and New York University Center for Global Affairs, 2016
  • Assessing Opportunities in the MENA region: Presentation and Conference Chair, Marcus Evans Middle East Investment Summit. Dubai. 2015
  • Outlook for Reform and Investment in the Emerging World: WKO, Austria, 2014

Please reach out if you’d like to hear about other discussions