Re(Entering) the Blogosphere

With my transition away from Roubini Global Economics, it seems like a good time to test out a new platform to share insights on macro, markets and political risks  – especially those that don’t lend themselves to tweet storms.

While I never had my own blog for long, writing for the Roubini Economonitor was one of the best parts of my early years as an analyst and it gave me the opportunity to write in some higher profile places at times. Over the years, most of my analysis moved behind a paywall. Meanwhile, my public consumption of and contribution to economic debate migrated to twitter and I both consumed and wrote on blogs much less.

Hence today’s experiment.  I’ll remain on twitter (@reziemba) for short recommendations, Instagram (@reziemba) for interesting photos along my journey, but will try to use this platform to knit some of it together.

I anticipate writing about the intersection between political and macroeconomic risks relevant to global markets as well as the tradeoffs of national wealth and liability management, topics that have absorbed much of my career. Odds are – China, the other BRICs, the GCC will get a lot of attention as will sovereign funds and trade policy.

We’ll see how it goes. Thanks for joining me on the journey.

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